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1. Please remove breakables from things that you’d like us to move
2. Pick up small items off of the floor. 
3. Tuck in bed skirts that might be touching the carpets. 
4. Overall, Don’t worry!  Our goal is to make the process smooth and painless.  

When we follow the carpet manufacturer's guidelines and use the hot water extraction method with our van powered unit it will typically take between 8-12 hours for your carpet to dry. We can also do a LOWER MOISTURE cleaning that can leave your carpet dry within 1-2 hours.

If you need your carpet dried faster we do have small air movers we can leave that can easily cut your drying time in half.  We do ask that customers wait until the next day before re-positioning any metal or wood furniture items, so as to prevent any furniture or rust stains.  At Jonquil we are happy to leave our customers small foam blocks or plastic tabs for any furniture items that need to be re-positioned sooner.

When we finish, your carpet will only be damp so yes it’s okay to walk on it right away, however, if you are able to stay off your carpet for at least a few hours you will allow those carpet fibers to remain upright and more “breathable” so in turn they will dry a little quicker. 

Basically, your carpeting acts like a filter and catches very fine particles that are suspended in the air and collect along the baseboards.  These particles are very fine and don’t completely vacuum out of the carpet. Over time, along with Infrequent vacuuming, dust and other soil can collect along the baseboards. 

Filtration soiling is not part of the normal cleaning process although sometimes we do notice an improvement with our normal cleaning process.  Typically, however, we have to use specialized cleaning solutions, small hand brushes and extraction tools for detailing to try and remove or lighten filtration staining.  For this specialized cleaning we do have an extra cost which we will be happy to explain.  


Most upholstered fabrics will dry in about 8-12 hours, and should be completely dry by the next morning.  We often use speed dryers while cleaning to reduce the drying time.  Drying times can be less or slightly longer depending upon whether your furniture’s fabric is natural or synthetic and the amount of humidity that is in the air.

Most furniture can be cleaned with water, and will actually clean up best with water and water based cleaning solutions.  We will do a test first to determine the typic of fabric you have and whether or not your fabric can be cleaned with water.  


While we can’t guarantee that we can make your grout look brand new,  we are typically able to get the grout lines close to what they originally looked like when first installed.  At Jonquil we typically will do a test area to determine what level of appearance we can restore the grout to.  In order to see what your grout lines originally looked like please look in an inconspicuous area or corner where limited wear and or foot traffic has been.

Yes, we can.  Typically grout can be dried speedily with air movers as we are wrapping up our hoses and putting away our equipment.  At that time we can go ahead and apply a sealer to your tile and grout which will help repel stains and/or enable your floor to clean up easier the next time around. 

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