How Do I Properly Prepare My Rug for Storage?

Proper storage preparation is essential to the life of your rug. When improperly stored, rugs are susceptible to elements such as moth damage, mold, and mildew.

All rugs should be professionally cleaned, and moth treated before being placed in storage. Soil, hair, or other organic matter can attract unwanted pests that can cause damage to your rugs and other fabrics it may be stored with.

If you are storing a rug for months or years, it should be rolled, then wrapped in a material called “Tyvek Paper”. This paper protects your rug from rodents and moths, while still allowing your rug to breathe.

If your rug will only be stored for a week, maybe for a move or small renovation, we recommend wrapping the rug in Kraft paper, this will protect your rug from debris that may come in contact with it during transportation. It will not protect against moisture or pests as Tyvek does.

Wrapping supplied on shelf

When storing a rug, the placement is also a factor to consider. If rugs are stored under many objects, this can put stress on the foundation of the rug, causing damage. Elevating the rug by placing it on top of other objects such as furniture or on a shelf can prevent damage from water if a flood occurs in your storage area. Keeping the rug elevated and easily accessible, makes it easier to check on your rug as well. It is important, if storing your rug for several months or years to check it every 6 months to a year for moisture issues, rodent droppings, or moth damage. (See our blog here for more information on moth damage)

Our shop offers storage preparation options, including moth treatment as well as wrapping services for long or short-term storage. Each rug is labeled with a photo for easy identification.

Wrapped up rugs

When rugs are stored properly, they stand a better chance of being protected during the storage period and enjoyed when that period ends.

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