Could Your Rug Be Exposed To a Moth Infestation?

As a rug owner, you may be concerned about how to make your investment last longer. A common issue with rugs, is moth damage. Moths love to eat protein fibers – hair, wool, silk, and cotton. Once started, pile loss can occur as the moths eat away at the backing and natural fibers of the rug. Accumulation of hair, urine and food spills are some of the ways moths will attract to a rug, for this reason, a moth infestation is not limited to natural fiber rugs and can even occur on synthetic rugs.

Signs of an infestation can include:

  • small moths flying around near the rug
  • small white casings
  • fibers from the rug coming off in tufts.

Moths love to make their home in dark places with minimal light. If your rug is in a basement, garage or under furniture, make sure to check those areas for moth activity. Our furry friends are great companions, but they can shed a lot. The buildup of hair, dander and even pet urine can make your rug a welcome place to moths. Once moth activity is spotted, it is important to check other rugs, natural fiber upholstery or fabrics, as they can move from one place to another.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your rugs from a moth infestation and damage. Once moth damage to a rug has occurred, it can be a costly fix. Taking the necessary precautions to keep your rugs moth-free can save you a lot of grief and money. Our shop offers a moth post and pre-treatment for rugs. We begin with a product that halts the infestation. Your rug is then properly cleaned according to its fiber type and construction. A post-treatment is then applied, this deters the moths by making the fiber unappetizing to them. Getting your rugs cleaned and moth treated every 2-3 years can greatly lengthen the life of your rugs.

Moth casings imbedded in a rug

Moth damage.  Moths have eaten all the way to the backing of these rugs.


Moth larvae eating a wool rug


Adult moth, seeing this insect flying near your rugs can mean a moth infestation.

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